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Real-time overlay of CPU and PowerVR GPU performance stats on Android devices

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PVRMonitor allows a user to view real-time hardware performance stats, giving information about processor usage on the CPU and PowerVR graphics hardware (Series5, Series5XT, Series6) with negligible impact on performance. The data is presented as a bar graph, updated in real time and overlaid on top of currently running applications.

PVRMonitor gives immediate feedback on an application's performance, without having to connect to an external profiling tool such as PVRTune.

Stats shown by the application include:


The PVRMonitor binary can be downloaded from Google Play or through the PowerVR Graphics SDK installer.


If you have any questions about PVRMonitor, please contact us through our public forum. We also recommend checking out our FAQ to see if your question has already been answered. If you would prefer to contact us confidentially, you can file a support ticket here.


PVRMonitor is distributed under the same permissive license as our SDK so it can easily be integrated into commercial and non-commercial applications. You can find the license here. To further clarify the terms, we also have an SDK license FAQ (available here).